UK CHIC proposals: current status

External collaborations: current status

Joint UK CHIC/UK HIV Drug Resistance Database (UK HDRD) proposals: current status

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UK CHIC proposals: current status

Centre Lead Date Submitted Title Status
St Marys S Fidler
A Thornton
May 2016 Characteristics and frequency of post-treatment viral controller phenotypes amongst the UK CHIC cohort Analyses in progress
Kings F Post
L Hamzah
Aug 2015 A case control study defining non-genetic determinants for treatment-limiting renal injury in HIV positive individuals exposed to disoproxil fumarate Paper submitted
Royal Free S Jose July 2015 Causes of death according to demographic factors in the UK CHIC study Paper in preparation
Royal Free A Mocroft April 2014 Validation of a renal risk score from the D:A:D study Analyses in progress
Chelsea & Westminster A Hill
A Posniak
Dec 2013 Calculation of cost-benefits from switching to generic antiretrovirals in the UK, 2014-2018 Abstract submitted
Hepatitis Group T Martin
M Nelson
N Martin
P Vickerman
M Hickman
C Sabin
A Thornton
Dec 2013 Antiretroviral treatment rates among MSM coninfected with HIV and HCV Paper submitted
MMC E Owen-Powell/A Arenas-Pinto Feb 2013 Generalisability (external validation) of the PIVOT study: a comparison with the UK CHIC cohort Paper in preparation
Bristol M Gompels
M May
Mar 2013 Evidence informed commissioning of HIV services: evaluation of proposed performance monitoring indicators Analyses in progress
Royal Free J O'Connor
A Phillips
Mar 2012 Analysis of long-term virological outcomes in the UK CHIC study Paper submitted
Brighton J Zhou
M Fisher
June 2011 Outcome in patients interrupting Atripla in the UK CHIC cohort Analyses in progress
Royal Free S Jose
V Lima
Apr 2012 Antiretroviral treatment uptake and outcomes: a comparison between the UK CHIC and CANOC cohorts Paper in preparation
  G Sethi
J Anderson
Mar 2012 Patterns of retention in clinical care among HIV-positive men Paper in preparation
  I Reeves
J Walsh
Mar 2012 Defining patient complexity/stability using routinely collected data Paper in preparation

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External collaborations: current status

Centre Lead Date Submitted Title Status
CANOC S Patterson Jan 2015 A tale of two countries: all cause mortality among people living with HIV and receiving combination antiretroviral therapy in the UK and Canada Paper submitted
Bristol M Skevi
M May
  The importance of adjusting for patient characteristics and clinic size when comparing measures of treatment outcome across clinics: the UK CHIC study Paper in preparation
  R Gupta May 2014 Resistance following virologic failure with tenofovir + NNRTI containing antiretroviral regimens: a global patient level meta analysis Analyses in progress
Royal Free A Schultze
A Phillips
Jan 2013 Detection of resistance mutations and CD4 slopes in individuals Abstract submitted
M May
Jan 2013 Importance of viral subtype and chosen ART regimen in determining the risk for viral failure (COHERE contributers will provide data) Proposal agreed
Bristol A Simpkin
M May
April 2013 MRC Biostatistics Fellowship: Estimating features of CD4 trajectories Proposal agreed
CHIPS Cohort A Judd
D Gibb
Sept 2005 Linking of paediatric HIV data from CHIPS with UK CHIC data Ongoing
COHERE H Furrer Nov 2013 History of tuberculosis as a risk factor for developing opportunistic diseases after starting antiretroviral treatment in HIV-infected patients Analyses in progress
COHERE H Furrer Nov 2013 Role of current HIV RNA as a CD4 independent risk factor for tuberculosis incidence in HIV-infected persons Analyses in progress
COHERE H Furrer Nov 2013 Virologic, immunologic and clinical response to cART in HIV-infected patients presenting and not presenting with specific opportunistic infections at the start of cART Proposal circulated
COHERE JM Miro June 2012 Optimal timing for starting cART in antiretroviral-naive HIV-1-infected patients presenting with cryptococcal meningitis Analyses in progress
COHERE A Phillips
A de Luca
  Outcomes of four or more class resistance/virological failure of ART in Europe Analyses in progress
COHERE J Bohlius
M Eggar
Feb 2012 Incidence and prognosis of AIDS-defining cancers in the era of cART: Africa, Europe and North America compared Analyses in progress
UCL S Jong Mar 2012 Organizational determinants of the uptake and effective use of diagnostics technologies in HIV care. Analyses in progress
Late presenters Group L Waters 2006 Do the disadvantages of late initiation of HAART persist in patients achieving and maintaining viral load suppression for a year on HAART? Analyses in progress

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Joint UK CHIC/UK HIV Drug Resistance Database proposals: current status

Centre Lead Date Submitted Title Status
UCL K El Bouzidi
E White
  Protease mutations emerging on darunavir therapy in protease inhibitor-naive and experienced patients in the UK Paper in preparation
MRC CTU H Castro
D Dunn
Oct 2013 Treatment selection and response to ART Proposal circulated
  R Smit
F Martin
Mar 2013 Changes to antiretroviral treatment following periods of low-level viraemia and blips (51-1000 copies/ml) Abstract submitted
  P Cane
D Dunn
Feb 2013 Analysis of factors involved in the prevalence of the most frequent TDR mutations, K103N and T215revs Analyses in progres
  O Ratmann
S Hue
Jan 2013 Estimating the differences in transmissibility among HIV-1 risk groups from viral gene sequence data Analyses in progress
Edinburgh T de Oliveira
A Leigh-Brown
  Elucidating the relationship between the UK, Brazilian and East African subtype C epidemic  
PHE G Sethi
S Hue
June 2011 Transmission of HIV subtypes among BME MSM in the UK Analyses in progress
  V Cambiano
H Castro
  Emergence of NNRTI resistance mutations after interrupting NNRTI Paper in preparation
  L Waters Aug 2012 The impact of baseline viral load (VL) and time to suppression on treatment responses to first line combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) Paper in preparation
MRC CTU D Dolling
D Dunn
Jan 2012 Rapid increase in the frequency of wild-type HIV-1 drug resistance reports among ART-experienced patients in the UK Paper in preparation
MRC CTU D Dolling
D Dunn
Nov 2011 Analysing the prevalence of tenofovir/ emtricitabine drug resistance in the HIV-1 infected MSM population within the UK Paper accepted

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