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PhD opportunities

We have a small number of places available every year for students to study for a PhD. These are funded by the MRC.

Individuals who are awarded MRC research studentships carry out a research project over three or four years, leading to a PhD. They receive training in research methods and personal skills. In certain circumstances, a research studentship may be linked to a Masters Studentship, so that a student may undertake a four-year research training programme.

Funding usually covers the fees for the PhD and a tax-free payment, the "maintenance stipend". Fully funded studentships are available to eligible applicants with a "relevant connection" to the UK. Applicants from the EU who cannot demonstrate a relevant connection, through ordinary residence in the UK for 3 years, may apply for a 'fees-only' award.

3 PhD Studentships in Medical Statistics and Clinical Trials Methodology, are currently available – More information can be found on the UCL website.