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MRC CTU at UCL and the environment

At the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL we aim to promote environmentally-friendly initiatives and to implement ideas and practical guidelines on how the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL can help to protect and improve the environment.

Simple little things can make a difference. If we all do our bit, we can make a big difference.

We're working to protect the environment by:

  • Telling suppliers and staff about what we're trying to do to protect the environment and asking for their help
  • Encouraging staff to turn off lights and other electrical equipment when rooms are empty
  • Promoting economy in the use of paper and other consumables
  • Encouraging the purchase of recycled materials and those which can be recycled
  • Minimising waste by encouraging the exchange and reuse of equipment and materials within the Unit
  • Giving old computers to local charities for re-use and redistribution
  • Recycling waste cardboard, paper, cans, bottles and plastic
  • Sending used toner and inkjet cartridges to Rethink, the Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity for recycling 
  • Wherever we can, avoiding the use of harmful substances and solvents
  • Ensuring that batteries, circuit boards, electronic components and fluorescent tubes are separated from other waste and disposed of properly