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Ian White, Professor of Statistical Methods for Medicine

Ian is a medical statistician with an interest in developing new methodology for clinical trials, meta-analysis and observational studies. He joined the Unit in 2017 after spending 16 years as a programme leader at the Medical Research Council's Biostatistics Unit in Cambridge.

Ian is particularly interested in developing methods for handling missing data, where he has contributed to the widespread use of multiple imputation and is now developing extensions for missing-not-at-random data. He is also particularly interested in meta-analysis and network meta-analysis, where he has developed methods for assessing and testing inconsistency. Other interests are in correcting for departures from randomised treatment and in prognostic modelling. He runs courses on many of these topics and has written a range of Stata software.


Selected publications

Bowden, J., Seaman, S., Huang, X., & White, I. R. (2016). Gaining power and precision by using model-based weights in the analysis of late stage cancer trials with substantial treatment switching. Statistics in Medicine, 35(9), 1423–1440.

White, I. R. (2015). Network meta-analysis. Stata Journal, 15(4), 1–34.

White, I. R., Barrett, J. K., Jackson, D., & Higgins, J. P. T. (2012). Consistency and inconsistency in network meta-analysis: model estimation using multivariate meta-regression. Research Synthesis Methods, 3(2), 111–125.

White, I. R., Horton, N. J., Carpenter, J., & Pocock, S. J. (2011). Strategy for intention to treat analysis in randomised trials with missing outcome data. BMJ, 342, d40.

White, I. R., Wood, A., & Royston, P. (2011). Tutorial in biostatistics: Multiple imputation using chained equations: issues and guidance for practice. Stat Med, 30, 377–399.

Photo of Ian WhiteResearch interests:

  • Handling missing data
  • Statistical methods for meta-analysis and network meta-analysis
  • Correcting for departures from randomised treatment
  • Prognostic modelling

Research areas: