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Study Objectives

The key objectives of CASCADE are to:

  • Estimate survival expectations and assess changes over time;
  • Assess the impact of adverse drug reactions on survival, particularly if therapy is started close to seroconversion, and monitor changes in the cause of death over time;
  • Examine any changes in the characteristics of the HIV virus over time;
  • Determine the impact of transmitted resistance, virus subtype, and host genetic factors on response to therapy and clinical outcome;
  • Characterise the foci of recent HIV epidemics in Eastern Europe;
  • Characterise initial disease progression in new epidemic areas;
  • Examine the effect of co-infection on HIV disease and response to therapy;
  • Develop new techniques to facilitate the co-ordination of HIV clinical research across European cohorts.
Follow-up data from seroconverters are valuable in being able to relate events to the same time since an individual first became infected with HIV.

Seroconverters thus provide a unique opportunity to study HIV throughout its whole infection period and also enable us to examine the characteristics of recently acquired HIV infection in the population and changes over time.