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Charlie, Age 5

Charlie is just 5 and starting his first round of chemotherapy. He is angry and upset and finds comfort in his computer games, toys and being with his mum.

She explains:-

“His thoughts are why did I break my leg, why have I fallen over, why have I got the tumour? And of course he’s cross, he’s a cross little five year old and in the main he deals with it really well. He gets cross with people poking him and prodding him and why wouldn’t he?”

“We’re only deciding to take part in the trial up to surgery at this moment. We thought it was a good thing and we are interested in participating. We’ll see how we feel and how he is coping. It’s a long trial and it could go on for quite a few years. He’s only five, he’s only little so we’re taking that into consideration and we have to decide it we want the extra two years”.

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