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Laura, Age 15

Laura is on chemotherapy but her leg may need to be amputated to remove the tumour. She is taking pain killers and finds it too difficult to concentrate on drawing. We talk about her experiences.

“I found out in A+E as I got so fed up with the pain for about 6 months. My grandparents took me as my parents were away on holiday. We went to A+E and we waited there for 8 hours, they felt my knee but didn’t know what it was so they did an X-ray. They found my knee to be abnormal and that it was probably cancer, but it was the way he blurted it out when they weren’t even sure. They know it is now but what if it wasn’t? When you find out something like that you just want someone to comfort you.”

“I had a biopsy and went home but I broke my leg and was taken to hospital. I had a cast put on but no one would believe me that the cast was really digging into me. When they finally listened they found there was a massive indentation where the tumour was getting bigger. I am positive but it’s difficult to be with no good news.”

“It has made me appreciate things more, I can’t say how, but it has. Like my hair for instance because I had to have my hair perfect. The last photo I had taken when I had hair I thought it looked really ugly but now I look back it looked really nice. I really appreciate my hair now and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look 100% perfect.”

“I want to live”

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