Art Project

Meg, Age 12

“I’ve drawn my leg before when it was normal, and then when it had the tumour in there, and it had stretched my leg. It felt really, really painful. I went to the doctor and they gave me anti-inflammatories and they weren’t working so my mum took me to the doctor again.”

A photo on her X-ray on her mum’s mobile phone

“They X-rayed me and said I had a tumour in my knee.”

“This is a picture of the scar where they took the tumour out in an operation.”

“They then put in a metal implant, a bionic implant. When I grow I’ll go into a magnetic field and it lengthens it. You can actually hear it. It feels fine.”

A few months has passed and now Meg is on her final round of chemotherapy but remains in hospital after slipping and breaking her leg. She starts a self-portrait but soon falls asleep in the afternoon due to the painkillers. I chat with her mum while Meg sleeps.

“She broke her ankle after falling over. She was in plaster up to her knee and came out of that 3 or 4 weeks ago. She was having her last round of chemo and then she had a kidney problem and couldn’t do this lot of chemo. This should have been 2 ˝ weeks ago and over and done by now. Her kidneys are ok now thankfully so she came in and now she’s fallen over and done her hip in!

Her bones are very soft and practically see through like an old lady. The tiniest little knock is all that’s needed. We’ll be in hospital for a few more weeks. But it’s our last lot of chemo and then we’ve got more tests for her lung”
- Meg’s mum

“On this morphine she gets absolutely whacked out bless her. In the morning she’s quite chirpy but by the afternoon it’s built up and that’s it.”

“She’s got a little way to go but we’re getting there.”

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