Art Project

Sam, Age 17

Sam is on her sixth round of chemotherapy and hasn’t done any art for at least 5 years. She has lots of ideas for a picture about herself and her experiences. She talks while she works, explaining “this is my anger”. She hasn’t been able to find a way of venting her feelings and explains “I’d like to go out with my friends.”

“I got told yesterday about the trial. I just thought why not basically. I made the decision myself.”

“My life now”. Sam explains:-

When I’m in hospital wearing my red pyjamas and gold necklace with no hair.

My scar.

Me being connected to the drip stand (it’s not coloured as it’s not very interesting).

My brother’s car because I want to get back in it when I can bend my leg again.

My mobile phone, I can’t live without it.

A picture of anger.

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