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Simon, Age 18

Simon has finished his first round of chemo and is suffering from painful mouth ulcers following the methotrexate treatment. He is finding it difficult to talk or think about his experiences but wanted to create an abstract piece using pastels.

ďMy friends donít know, I donít really want them to know, Iíve got too much to deal with.Ē

ďMy knee doesnít hurt now but everything else does. Iíve traded one pain for another. Iíd rather have my knee back.Ē

ďAs soon as we arrived they mentioned the trial straight away. He had to make the decision as to whether he would sign up for it or not. I think that in some way if the treatment in future can be improved and made better for other patients then itís something worth doing.Ē

- Simonís mum

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