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Bringing Medicine to life

Art Project

Bringing medicine to life is a unique British Medical Research Council (MRC) project inspired by the MRC Clinical Trials Unit in collaboration with Dr Martha Perisoglou in the University College Hospital, London.

The Project encourages patients taking part in clinical trials to communicate their feelings and experiences through art.

The aim of the project is not only to help patients come to terms with their disease but also to make the public aware of the importance of clinical trials from the patients' perspectives.

Dr Lizzie Burns, a research scientist and talented artist, has visited EURAMOS patients, working with them to create artwork based on their experiences of being ill, taking part in trials and hopes for the future.

With thanks to the inspiring people who took part in this art project.

We hope you will enjoy the exhibition and take some time to look and read.

Click on the pictures and photos below to view the artwork and read about the patientsí experiences.

Laura Bhavin Omar Simon Meg Sam Syed Charlie Shane Susanna

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