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MRC CTU at UCL and the environment
Adding docetaxel to hormone therapy is cost-effective for locally-advanced and advanced prostate cancer
Researchers at MRCCTU at UCL Join a Major Research Project Launched to Crack Aspirin’s Anti-Cancer Properties
Causal Inference in Observational Studies and Clinical Trials Affected by Treatment Switching: A Practical Hands-on Workshop
CROI Conference 2018
Speeding up the evaluation of prostate cancer therapies: Statistician post available
Food supplements do not reduce deaths among people starting HIV treatment with advanced disease
STAMPEDE Trial recruits its 10,000th participant
Which are the best treatments to add to long-term hormone therapy for advanced prostate cancer?
STAMPEDE shortlisted for the BMJ UK Research Paper of the Year award
STAMPEDE wins the Society for Clinical Trials ‘Trial of the Year Award’
Annabelle South wins Provost's Public Engagement Award
ARREST Trial - Have Your Questions Answered - Live Twitter Q&A
Did you miss our ARREST Twitter Q&A? Catch up here
MRC Festival 2018 Symposium on Communicating Trial Results
MRCCTU at UCL to present research at 10th Workshop on HIV Pediatrics and AIDS 2018
RIVER: Results revealed from the 'kick and kill' study
Women: At the Heart of the HIV Response for Children
Major study into clinical trial oversight processes finds commonly used 'triggered monitoring' processes may not be effective
CHAPAS team win EDCTP Outstanding Research Team Prize
20 years of the MRC Clinical Trials Unit
Patrick Royston awarded Stata Journal Editors' Prize 2016
PROMIS shows MRI scan could help a quarter of men safely avoid prostate biopsy
How can MRI scans help improve prostate cancer diagnosis? Join our Twitter Q&A
CAP-IT childhood pneumonia trial opens
MRC CTU at UCL at CROI 2017
Extended follow-up of BREATHER trial on taking weekends off HIV treatment
Did you miss our #prostateMRI Twitter Q&A? Catch up here
Extra food supplements unnecessary for people starting ART late who are not severely malnourished
New post at MRC CTU at UCL: Senior Lecturer in Trial Conduct Methodology
Treating a blistering skin disease with antibiotics is a safer long-term solution than oral steroids
N-ALIVE shows large clinical trials are feasible in prisons
Results from STAMPEDE on adding celecoxib to hormone therapy for men with prostate cancer
New meta-analytical paper: Identifying who benefits most from treatments
QUARTZ and STAMPEDE shortlisted for the BMJ UK Research Paper of the Year award
ARREST trial finds adding rifampicin does not improve outcomes from blood infections
4th International Clinical Trials Methodology Conference and Society for Clinical Trials 38th Annual Meeting: day 1
4th International Clinical Trials Methodology Conference and Society for Clinical Trials 38th Annual Meeting: day 2
How can we design trials in smaller populations? Join our Twitter Q&A
Did you miss our #smallpopulations Twitter Q&A? Catch up here
Making Trial Data Count Twitter Q&A round-up
New HIV self-testing trial aims to increase diagnosis rates
Low-cost package of drugs saves lives of people starting HIV treatment late
MRC CTU at UCL research at the 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science and International HIV Paediatrics Workshop
Child in CHER trial has undetectable viral load years after stopping antiretroviral therapy
Systematic review confirms that adding abiraterone to hormone therapy improves survival for men whose prostate cancer has spread
ESMO Congress 2017
Opportunity at MRC CTU at UCL: Senior Lecturer in Trial Conduct Methodology
MRCCTU Podcast – Patrick Royston Receives the Stata Journal Editors’ Prize 2016
Weekly chemotherapy no better than 3-weekly chemotherapy for women with ovarian cancer
Finding the optimal treatment for men starting long-term hormone therapy for prostate cancer
The MRC CTU at UCL is moving to 90 High Holborn on Friday 6 October 2017
Preliminary results from STREAM trial provide insight into shorter treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis
Join our STAMPEDE Twitter Q&A – Research and Treatment to #BeatProstateCancer
Using MRI scans to diagnose prostate cancer: new films for clinicians
Did you miss our STAMPEDE Twitter Q&A? Catch up here.
Let’s End It – SELPHI and ending HIV transmission
No need to add rifampicin to standard antibiotic treatment for Staphylococcus aureus blood infections
Add-Aspirin Opens in India
Does adding celecoxib (with or without zoledronic acid) to hormone therapy improve survival for men with prostate cancer?
TIME1 results challenge current guidelines for treatment of lung condition
ICON6 finds cediranib improves outcomes for women with recurrent ovarian cancer
Trial to stop Hepatitis C opens
STREAM Stage Two launches to test new tuberculosis treatments
World TB Day at the MRC CTU at UCL
New Patient Information Sheet template and guidance available
Giving chemotherapy after radiotherapy improves survival for patients with rare brain tumour
MRI scan could help a quarter of men safely avoid prostate biopsy
Getting faster results and impact from clinical trials. Join our Twitter Q&A
For those who missed our #FasterTrials Twitter Q&A, catch up here…
BREATHER results on taking weekends off from HIV treatment published
SHINE trial launches the largest ever study examining the effectiveness of treatments for children with tuberculosis
MRC CTU at UCL presenting at AIDS 2016
REALITY trial finds way to reduce deaths among people starting HIV treatment late
SMILE Trial Launch – investigating a potentially lower toxicity, simplified treatment regimen for HIV infected children
'Getting Results Faster for Patients’ Workshop Report
Adding extra chemotherapy drugs to standard treatment for osteosarcoma does not improve outcomes
Celebrating 50 years at the MRC for Andrew Nunn
Presenting our methodology research at ISCB 2016
Lung cancer patients whose tumour has spread to the brain could be spared radiotherapy
Response to media attention regarding the RIVER study
Results from the PanACEA MAMS-TB trial marks the first MAMS trial design in infectious diseases
How can we design trials in smaller populations?
Adding radiotherapy to hormone therapy halves deaths from high-risk prostate cancer
MRC CTU at UCL at CROI 2015
PROUD study shows Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is highly protective against HIV infection
BREATHER results on taking weekends off from HIV treatment presented at CROI Conference
MAMS-TB study finds high-dose rifampicin may help shorten TB treatment
Fire damages our telephone and fax services
STREAM TB trial recruits its 400th participant
Our telephone and fax services are now working
A third of children with HIV virological rebound resuppress their virus without switching treatment
Why do clinical trials matter? Join our Twitter Q&A
Adding chemotherapy to hormone therapy improves prostate cancer survival
CHORUS results offer new treatment option for women with advanced ovarian cancer
Presenting our cancer research at ASCO 2015
HIV trial finds it is better to START treatment early
Whole brain radiotherapy offers no clinically significant benefit for patients whose lung cancer has spread to their brain
EURAMOS-1 results published on interferon for treating osteosarcoma
STAMPEDE finds adding chemotherapy to hormone therapy improves prostate cancer survival
Results of OE05 trial in oesophageal cancer presented at ASCO
“To other young people who, like me, are living with HIV”: graphic novels now online
Adding bevacizumab to chemotherapy helps women with high-risk ovarian cancer to live longer
Premiere of new documentary about the PROUD HIV prevention study
What is it like to grow up with HIV? Social science findings from the ARROW and BREATHER trials
Starting HIV treatment early reduces risk of serious illnesses
PROUD results published showing pre-exposure prophylaxis effectively prevents HIV
Systematic review confirms benefit of docetaxel for men with prostate cancer
WHO HIV guidelines updated in the light of START and PROUD results
Add-Aspirin cancer trial launches
Withdrawing dementia drug doubles risk of moving to a nursing home
CHAPAS-3 trial supports WHO’s recommendation on how to treat children with HIV
World AIDS Day Twitter Q&A
Everything you always wanted to know about Individual Participant Data meta-analysis (but were afraid to ask)
Targeting HIV ‘reservoir’ could be first step to understanding how to cure the infection
Did you miss our PrEP Twitter Q&A? Catch up here…
Early chemotherapy improves survival for men with prostate cancer
ARROW trial wins BMJ UK Research Paper of the Year award
Trials using biomarkers to assign patients to treatment for bowel cancer
95 years of research for the MRC
COIN-B shows cetuximab can be safely added to two intermittent chemotherapy strategies
KONCERT results do not support the routine use of once-daily Kaletra dosing for children with HIV
MAMS-TB trial stops recruiting patients to two arms
Are higher doses of radiotherapy better at treating prostate cancer?
Chemotherapy before surgery improves lung cancer survival
Major recruitment milestone in STAMPEDE prostate cancer trial
Current septic shock treatment guidelines are putting children’s lives at risk in Africa
Keep taking the tablets: low-cost antibiotic reduces hospitalisation and death of HIV-infected children on ART
The STAMPEDE (MRC PR08) trial: Update on recent data and future plans
NEAT001 finds an alternative combination of drugs for first-line treatment of HIV
Results of CHAPAS-3 trial on which drugs to use for children with HIV in Africa
MRC CTU at UCL calls on researchers, funders and doctors to do more multi-arm trials
Continuous positive airway pressure can help older snorers get a good night’s sleep
REMoxTB trial finds substituting Moxifloxacin in standard tuberculosis treatment does not shorten treatment to four months
EARNEST trial results support World Health Organisation guidelines for second-line treatment of HIV
Ovarian and prostate cancer trials share results at ESMO 2014
Adding extra chemotherapy drugs to standard treatment for osteosarcoma does not improve outcomes
PROUD study interim analysis finds pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is highly protective against HIV for gay men and other men who have sex with men in the UK
RIFAQUIN trial finds new drug combination that treats TB with fewer pills
Andrew Nunn becomes an honorary member of the IUATLD
New films about Patient and Public Involvement in clinical research
World AIDs Day: “Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-free Generation”
CASCADE study suggests HIV has increased in virulence and transmissibility
Implementing the new WHO HIV treatment guidelines
Treating infants with HIV early, and then interrupting their treatment, leads to better results
Global tuberculosis report calls multi-drug resistant tuberculosis a public health crisis
Final report of the MRC CTU Centenary Workshop now available
Cediranib improves survival in women with recurrent ovarian cancer
International Overdose Awareness Day and the N-ALIVE Trial
Material World talks to Andrew Nunn about the first randomised controlled trial
Series of new short films explore the importance and process of clinical trials
Innovative new MAMS-TB trial opens
Assessing risk of bias from published Randomised Controlled Trials: how reliable is it?
PATCH I trial shows that penicillin prophylaxis can prevent cellulitis of the leg recurring
New film: FEAST - An anatomy of a clinical trial
Increased deaths of children in shock, related to fluid resuscitation, are caused by cardiovascular collapse
ARROW trial shows removing routine lab testing is safe
Early treatment for HIV slows damage to immune system and reduces risk of transmission, study suggests
ARREST trial into treating common blood infection starts recruiting patients
The FEAST team's reflections on winning BMJ Research Paper of the Year award
AALPHI study of HIV-infected young people opens
Stand Up to Cancer
New open access paper on multi-arm multi-stage trials in practice published
KONCERT HIV trial completes recruitment
MucoVac2 HIV vaccine trial completes enrolment
Hydroxychloroquine does not slow down the damage caused by HIV
EuroCoord to host workshop on global cohort collaborations at XIX International AIDS Conference
STREAM trial into shorter treatment for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) opens
UK HDRD finds low levels of HIV drug resistance to potential preventive drugs
Long-term PR07 results confirm adding radiotherapy to hormone therapy improves survival
FEAST trial wins BMJ Research Paper of the Year award
No evidence of problems with pregnancies or children born to women taking the ART drug tenofovir
Why did fluid resuscitation increase mortality in African children with shock in the FEAST trial?
Routine laboratory monitoring of people on antiretroviral therapy for HIV is not cost-effective
MRC CTU now on Twitter
General practice research unit to close
Involving patients and the public can benefit clinical research
Innovative trial finds celecoxib does not improve prostate cancer outcomes
DOMINO trial results show donepezil is associated with cognitive benefits for Alzheimer’s patients
MRC Clinical Trials Unit on World Tuberculosis Day 2012
Treating South African infants with HIV early, and then interrupting their treatment, leads to better results
Trial of HIV treatment timing reaches recruitment halfway point
CTU website launches new methodology section
Bevacizumab may improve survival in ovarian cancer
CUPID study finds cannabis derivatives do not slow the progress of Multiple Sclerosis
Mucovac2 HIV vaccine starts enrolment
QUARTZ trial for treating brain metastases from lung cancer passes 300 patient milestone
STAMPEDE prostate cancer trial launches abiraterone treatment arm
African trial questions emergency treatment of children in shock
Government endorses UK HIV Drug Resistance Database
Adding radiotherapy to hormone therapy improves survival of men with high-risk prostate cancer
MRC CTU director Mahesh Parmar in Nature podcast: trials on trial
ICON8: trial of weekly chemotherapy in ovarian cancer opens to recruitment
MRC CTU Trials at the 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress, Stockholm
Water softener trial shows no benefit to children with eczema
N-ALIVE trial features on BBC Radio 4
Promising results for new two-drug approach to treat pleural infections
CTU relocation - message from CTU Director, Professor Mahesh Parmar
Media coverage for the PROMIS trial
ICON7 updated trial results
MRC CTU Trials at ASCO 2011
London Hub for Trials Methodology Research workshop
PENPACT-1 trial results published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases
MRC Clinical Trials Unit on World AIDS Day 2010
CASCADE brochure now available to download
Delaying chemotherapy can benefit women with relapsed ovarian cancer
The PIVOT trial reaches its recruitment target
MDP301 HIV prevention trial results published
MRC CTU at the 2010 British Science Festival
MRC Clinical Trials Unit launches the Help Make History initiative
Developing Antiretroviral Therapy in Africa (DART) – policy recommendations
Results of the PENPACT 1 trial presented at the 18th International AIDS Conference
Results of the interim analysis of the PR07 trial presented at ASCO
Community statement on START trial and change in US DHHS treatment guidelines
Affordable antibiotic halves the HIV death rate on treatment, DART trial shows
Chemotherapy helps patients with lung cancer live longer
Statistics seminars: Jan-Jun 2010
Statistics seminars: Sept-Dec 2010
CTU Director Janet Darbyshire honoured by the Royal Statistical Society and the Society for Clinical Trials
Important changes to the RADICALS trial
Changes in the CTU Cancer Group
DART is runner up in Lancet Paper of the Year 2009
DART presentations at CROI
Knowledge of the current CD4 cell count is sufficient when deciding whether to initiate ART in symptom-free HIV patient
RE04 trial results – comparing two different treatments for advanced renal cell carcinoma
Recruitment to the PIVOT (Protease Inhibitor monotherapy Versus Ongoing Triple Therapy) trial reaches 300
CTU paper shortlisted for Paper of the Year
START study responds to revised US guidelines for use of ART
Janet Darbyshire awarded CBE
ICON7 trial results
MDP301 results announced
New director appointed at MRC Clinical Trials Unit
RADICALS newsletter - Nov 2009
Fourth international ACTIVATE clinical skills training course
COIN trial in advanced bowel cancer - Results presented at ECCO/ESMO conference and NCRI meeting
UK HIV Drug Resistance Database 2009 Annual Report
Prostate cancer drug improves survival in men with metastases
Arguments for and against post-operative radiotherapy for prostate cancer
How the STAMPEDE trial is designed
DART trial finds HIV therapy could be given safely without routine laboratory tests to save more lives in Africa
PENTA trials update
Launch of clinical trials: a new section on HealthTalkOnline
RADICALS presentations available online
Celecoxib study in prostate cancer supports rationale for STAMPEDE
OV05 trial results presented at ASCO May 2009
COIN-B trial re-opened to recruitment
Welcome to the new website of the MRC Clinical Trials Unit
PENTA 15 trial being presented at CROI 2009
Meetings about research in prostate cancer
DART trial results published
Sickle cell disease
PENTA 11 trial results
TRISST update
Over 1000 patients recruited in EURAMOS-1
RADICALS starts recruitment in Canada
EURAMOS-1 Training course for researchers, January 2008
Study finds a new triple-drug tablet is appropriate for the treatment of HIV-infected children in Africa
MRC CTU Testis Collaborators Meeting, 12th May 2008
Update on the STAMPEDE trial
Update on the BR12 and BR13 trials
Consumer involvement in trials led by the MRC Clinical Trials Unit
Public focus group presentation by Professor Max Parmar
CHER trial landmark study
RADICALS opens to recruitment
SORCE trial update
Presentations at ASCO 2007
PR04 trial results
Results of the MRC RT01 trial: high dose radiotherapy benefits patients with prostate cancer
Further results from the CHAP study
STAMPEDE completes pilot phase successfully
QUARTZ trial opens to recruitment
Temporal trends in postseroconversion CD4 cell count and HIV viral load
Further results from the CHAP study
Results of the MRC BO06 trial in osteosarcoma published
New target for MS treatment found using old drug
HIV drug designed for children wins FDA approval
Medical Research Council welcomes funding settlement
Unmasked enzyme offers hope of effective diabetes treatment
MRC welcomes FSA decision to add folic acid to flour
Medical Research Council response to the spring supplementary announcement
PENTA trials adopted by the Medicines for Children Research Network
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