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Study finds a new triple-drug tablet is appropriate for the treatment of HIV-infected children in Africa

27 March 2008

Results published in the journal AIDS this month show that the pharmacokinetics (dosing) of a new tablet for children containing 3 anti-HIV drugs is appropriate for African children weighing 6 kg and over. A lack of appropriate and affordable anti-HIV drugs for children has previously restricted the treatment of HIV-infected children in Africa. Low-cost, practical and acceptable tablets like this will help in the distribution of anti-HIV treatment in resource-limited settings.

Further to these data, the tablet received tentative approval by the Food and Drug Administration, the US medicines licensing agency, meaning that it can be rolled out for use in Africa. More children are being recruited into the study to investigate the use of the tablet in children weighing less than 6 kg.

Read the abstract from the paper.


L'homme RFA, Kabamba D, Ewings FM, Mulenga V, Kankasa C, Thomason M, et al. Nevirapine, stavudine and lamivudine pharmacokinetics in African children on paediatric fixed-dose combination tablets. Aids 2008;22(5):557-65.