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Update on the BR12 and BR13 trials

18 March 2008

BR12 closed to recruitment on 31st January 2008. This trial compares Temozolomide to PCV chemotherapy in the treatment of recurrent malignant glioma.

The trial has proved highly successful, with accrual continuing steadily despite the increasing use of adjuvant temozolomide as standard treatment. The final number of patients recruited to the trial was 447. The Chief Investigator and MRC CTU staff wish to express their appreciation to the patients, investigators, pharmacists, research nurses, study coordinators and data managers who have contributed to this important trial. First results should be available over the summer, when an Investigators' meeting will be arranged. For further information contact br12@ctu.mrc.ac.uk

BR13 is an EORTC led trial (22033-26033) looking at primary chemotherapy with temozolomide vs. radiotherapy in patients with low grade glioma.

We are happy to announce the trial received full UK ethical approval on 20 th December 2007. This trial is to be run through a limited number of selected centres throughout the UK. These centres are now making their applications for local approval and should be open in the coming months. We do however potentially have additional spaces for registration centres that have links with randomising sites. These centres can register patients into the trial, with patients then being referred to the selected main centres once they become eligible for randomisation and treatment. For further information on the study please contact BR13@ctu.mrc.ac.uk