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Arguments for and against post-operative radiotherapy for prostate cancer

23 July 2009

The Canadian Urological Association Journal recently published a number of connected Point/Counterpoint articles discussing post-operative radiation therapy for men who have had radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. The articles by Joseph Chin and Jonathan Izawa, both from London, Ontario, argue the cases for adjuvant and early salvage post-operative radiotherapy. They conclude that a randomised controlled trial of radiotherapy timing is required and that support should be given to the RADICALS trial.

The short articles are freely available on-line following the links, below:

  1. Chin: argument for adjuvant RT (pdf) (text)
  2. Izawa: argument for salvage RT (pdf) (text)
  3. Chin: rebuttal (pdf) (text)
  4. Izawa: rebuttal (pdf) (text)