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How the STAMPEDE trial is designed

23 July 2009

A new paper has been published in the journal Trials which describes the issues addressed when designing the STAMPEDE trial. STAMPEDE is a multi-arm multi-stage trial which efficiently addresses a series of questions about research treatments for men which high-risk locally-advanced or metastatic prostate cancer.

The trial is recruiting well through the UK and will soon open to sites in Switzerland.

The paper is aimed at:

  1. Researchers involved in running STAMPEDE
  2. Other researchers who should be interested in designing multi-arm multi-stage trials in the future

The paper is freely available on-line (full text) (pdf).

For further background on the clinical setting for STAMPEDE, please read the recent editorials by James et al in Clinical Oncology (ScienceDirect) and BJU International (PubMed).

For further information about the rationale for multi-arm multi-arm trials, please refer to the recent paper by Parmar et al in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (full text).

For further information about STAMPEDE, please email stampede@ctu.mrc.ac.uk.