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Meetings about research in prostate cancer

20 January 2009

A series of regional meetings on clinical trials for men with prostate cancer launches at the end of January in Edinburgh.

The meetings are organised by the MRC Clinical Trials Unit together with the Institute of Cancer Research Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit (ICR CTSU) and the Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit. Five large, UK-wide, NCRN-adopted trials will be discussed:

  • RADICALS - (MRC CTU) - for men who have had surgery for prostate cancer
  • CHHIP - (ICR CTSU) - for men with localised disease
  • STAMPEDE - (MRC CTU) - for men starting long-term hormone therapy
  • PATCH - (MRC CTU) - for men starting long-term hormone therapy
  • TRAPEZE - (BCTU) for men with androgen-independent disease

The meetings are aimed at urologists, oncologists, nurses, data managers and everyone involved in these research projects or who may be involved in the future. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and networking.

Some spaces are available at each of the 5 regional meetings.

Edinburgh: 22-Jan-2009
Birmingham: 28-Jan-2009
Bristol: 04-Feb-2009
Newcastle: 06-Mar-2009
London: 30-Apr-2009

For further information, contact: Claire Murphy (cm@ctu.mrc.ac.uk, x4747)