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RADICALS presentations available online

23 June 2009

We have prepared a series of very short films about the RADICALS trial which are available online. RADICALS is a trial of post-operative radiotherapy and hormone therapy for men with prostate cancer which is open all across the UK.

These presentations are aimed at researchers who want to know more about the RADICALS trials or who want to their colleagues to get involved with the trial. First, there is an interview with Chris Parker, Chief Investigator of RADICALS, who describes the background to the trial and some of the practicalities in running the trial. Second, there is a narrated presentation detailing the design of the trial from Matthew Sydes, Trial Statistician. Finally, Claire Murphy, Trial Manager, describes the process of accreditation for interested sites. Clicking on the questions below will take you to YouTube where the presentations are hosted. You will need a sound card.

We hope that you find these videos helpful and informative. Any feedback on these presentations would be welcome at radicals@ctu.mrc.ac.uk

Issues around the RADICALS trial

  1. What is the current standard of care for men with prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy?
  2. What is the role of radiotherapy after prostatectomy at the moment?
  3. What are the risks and benefits of radiotherapy after surgery for prostate cancer?
  4. In which patients should I be uncertain about the use of post-operative radiotherapy?
  5. What is the role of hormone therapy with post-operative radiotherapy?
  6. Which groups of men could join the RADICALS trial?
  7. What is the main outcome measure in the RADICALS trial?
  8. When is the best time to approach men about RADICALS?
  9. What is the best way to recruit men to the trial?
  10. What issues should be considered when recruiting to the trial?
  11. What is the role of urologists and oncologists in RADICALS?
  12. Can RADICALS be discussed at multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meetings?
  13. The RADICALS trial appears complex. Is it really?
  14. How many men are needed to join the RADICALS trial and where is it taking place?

The design of RADICALS

RADICALS design slides

Site accreditation for RADICALS

RADICALS accreditation processes