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New open access paper on multi-arm multi-stage trials in practice published

10 October 2012

A new paper on the implementation of STAMPEDE has been published in the Trials journal. STAMPEDE uses an efficient and adaptive multi-arm multi-stage trial design. This paper focuses on two very practical topics:

  1. how stopping recruitment to two of the arms was handled following a pre-planned intermediate analysis and the stopping of one of the treatments;
  2. the activation of a new research arm during the trial.

The paper documents how participating sites in STAMPEDE have shown how MAMS trials are feasible in practice and particularly notes the efficiencies that are gained in introducing new research arms during the course of a trial should the opportunity present. This open access paper on Flexible trial design in practice can be read online by everyone.

A further new research arm (radiotherapy to the prostate for men with newly diagnosed metastatic disease) will be activated later this year.

Read the original methods paper setting out the design of STAMPEDE.

The STAMPEDE team are happy to discuss ideas about the trial or to discuss how the methods may be applied to other trials.