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Series of new short films explore the importance and process of clinical trials

24 July 2013

The Medical Research Council celebrates its 100th birthday this year. To celebrate, the MRC CTU have produced a series of short films. They explore the role of clinical trials and the MRC CTU, and how trials are developed and carried out.

The Gold Standard: What are randomised controlled trials and why are they important? Randomised controlled trials are regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ for testing whether new treatments work. This short film from the Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit explains what they are, and why they are important.

The MRC Clinical Trials Unit: What is the MRC CTU and what does it do? The MRC Clinical Trials Unit is a centre of excellence for clinical trials, meta-analysis and epidemiological studies. This film explores the type of work the MRC CTU does, and what sets it apart from other trials units.

Pieces of the Puzzle: Where do ideas for clinical trials come from? This short film explores where the ideas for clinical trials comes from, using examples from cancer and HIV research.

The MRC Clinical Trials Unit: How do we turn an idea into a trial? Having an idea for a trial is just the start of an often lengthy process for developing a trial. This film explores that process.

The MRC Clinical Trials Unit: Running a safe trial. The safety of participants is a priority for those involved in running trials. This film explores some of the mechanisms in place to ensure that trials keep participants safe, and are successful.

The MRC Clinical Trials Unit: Sharing the results of trials Once we have the results of a trial, we need to make sure that the results are made known to a variety of audiences, including doctors, trial participants, others with the condition, and policymakers. This involves more than just presenting at conferences and publishing journal articles. This film explores how two very different trials have tried to make sure their results are shared with everyone who needs to know.

The MRC Clinical Trials Unit: How have our trials made a difference? The aim of trials is not just to answer a scientific question, but for the results of these trials to make a difference to how patients are treated in the real world, improving survival and quality of life. This film explores how some of MRC CTU’s cancer, HIV and TB trials have made a difference.