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Did you miss our PrEP Twitter Q&A? Catch up here…

02 December 2015

On Tuesday 1 December, World AIDS Day 2015, MRC CTU held a Twitter Q&A about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and the PROUD Study.

The PROUD Study, launched in 2012, enrolled over 500 gay and other men who have sex with men, who reported having condomless anal sex. Half of the participants were given PrEP immediately and the other half were offered PrEP after a year in the study, thereby allowing us to measure the number of HIV infections averted as a result of PrEP. PROUD found that PrEP reduced the risk of HIV infection by 86%, and no-one taking PrEP acquired HIV.

We had four fantastic panellists answering the questions tweeted in: Professor Sheena McCormack, a clinician and HIV researcher who led the PROUD Study; Mitzy Gafos, the PROUD Study's senior social scientist; Harry Dodd, one of the study's participants, and Gus Cairns, editor of NAM, co-chair of the PROUD trial steering committee, and prevention coordinator for the European AIDS Treatment Group.

The Q&A ran from 12:45 to 13:30 (GMT), covering topics including:

  • Access to PrEP for those who can't afford to buy it in the UK
  • The need for PrEP and its benefits
  • PrEP and the NHS
  • How PrEP fits with the wider HIV prevention package
  • Cost-effectiveness of PrEP

To read a full rundown of the event, and see the panellists' answers to all the questions, view our Storify below.