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Using MRI scans to diagnose prostate cancer: new films for clinicians

24 October 2017

Prostate Cancer UK, in partnership with the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL, has released a series of short films on how multi-parametric MRI scans can improve prostate cancer diagnosis. These films are based on the results of the PROMIS study.

The PROMIS study looked whether an MP-MRI (multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging) scan could help some men avoid unnecessary biopsy. The study found that around one in four men, if given an MP-MRI before they were due to have the biopsy, could safely avoid having a biopsy.

Two of the films are aimed at clinicians, giving a summary of the study and its results, and how mpMRI can be used a triage for TRUS biopsy. The third film is aimed at patients, exploring the PROMIS results and what they mean for prostate cancer diagnosis.

PROMIS trial - what it looked at and the results
PROMIS set out to establish the proportion of men who could safely avoid biopsy and the proportion of men correctly identified by mpMRI to have clinically significant prostate cancer. The study also looked at the accuracy of TRUS-biopsy in comparison to mpMRI.


PROMIS trial - using mpMRI as triage for TRUS biopsy
Following the findings of the PROMIS trial, we asked the experts how the strengths of both mpMRI and TRUS biopsy could be combined to improve prostate cancer diagnosis.

PROMIS trial - changing the future for prostate cancer diagnosis
The research trial PROMIS showed us how the future for prostate cancer diagnosis can be radically improved. Hear from the experts and find out what we're doing about it.