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Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are a key part of the work of the MRC Clinical Trials Unit. They are used to summarise the effects of treatments based on all the available evidence from randomised trials and have influenced the treatment of patients worldwide. They are also used to provide the rationale for, and inform the development of, CTU trials, and to place CTU trial results in the context of other relevant trials.

Although most of the MRC CTU Meta-analysis Group’s work to date has been in the cancer field, it has been extended to include projects in other diseases and conditions. Future work will focus on key questions in both cancer and other healthcare areas. Our completed and ongoing systematic reviews and meta-analyses can be found via the browsing the studies section.

The Group conducts systematic reviews and meta-analysis based on either the original Individual Participant Data (IPD) from the relevant trials or on summary data reported in trial publications.

Together with the Methodological Research Theme, the Group also conducts methodological research to try to improve how systematic reviews and meta-analysis are done. 

The Meta-analysis Group also provides the main link between the MRC Clinical Trials Unit and the Cochrane Collaboration.

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