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Patient involvement

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Papers and guidelines on patient and public involvement

Patient information sheet template and guidance

Patient information sheets (PIS) are a key tool in ensuring that patients are able to give informed consent before participating in a trial. MRC CTU at UCL has developed guidance and a template for writing a PIS for adult trials. The guidance and template use research evidence to ensure that the PIS is clear and easy to understand. If you would like to download any of the PIS documents, please enter your details in the pop-up window that will appear when you click the link. You will then be able to download the relevant file(s). We will use this information to help us monitor the uptake of this template.

If you have any problems downloading these documents, please contact mrcctu.ppi-resources@ucl.ac.uk.

Patient and public involvement information packs


Patient and public involvement films

A series of four films produced by MRC CTU at UCL, addressing the following topics:

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Diagram of a Clinical Trial

Flow diagram of patient involvement in a clinical trial.