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Men who have had surgery for early stage testicular cancer can avoid potentially harmful scans.

The results of the TRISST trial, presented today at GU ASCO 2021, offer less harmful ways of monitoring men who have had surgery for early stage testicular cancer, including reducing the number of scans or using MRI.

12 Feb

Tribute to Professor James Hakim

He will be greatly missed by his colleagues at the MRC CTU at UCL and around the world.

28 Jan

PediCAP recruits its first participant

The participant was recruited at the Makerere University Lung Institute in Uganda.

07 Dec

European Medicines Agency approves use of Dolutegravir 5 mg dispersible tablet for younger children living with HIV

These small tablets can now be used in combination with other medicines for treating children living with HIV who are aged at least four weeks and weigh at least 3kg.

19 Nov

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