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Active surveillance after surgery still best approach for kidney cancer

Results from the SORCE trial confirm that the drug sorafenib should not be used as treatment straight after surgery for kidney cancer. These results were published yesterday in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

15 Oct

Men who have had prostate cancer surgery do not need immediate radiotherapy

These results are good news for the 7,000 men who are treated for prostate cancer by radical prostatectomy each year.

29 Sep

Weekly chemotherapy does not improve ovarian cancer survival compared to three-weekly chemotherapy

Long-term follow-up results of the ICON8 trial have shown that having chemotherapy every week does not improve survival for women with ovarian cancer compared to having it once every three weeks, as has been standard for…

22 Sep

Data from ODYSSEY increases treatment options for older children living with HIV

Results from a sub-study of the ODYSSEY trial, published today in The Lancet HIV journal, show that children over 20kg in weight can safely have adult doses (50mg) of the anti-HIV drug dolutegravir.

05 Aug

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