Latest News and Updates

New trial of COVID-19 vaccine opens

The first healthy volunteer has now received their first dose of the two vaccine regimen.

30 Jun

Neurological and psychological effects of COVID-19 reported by CoroNerve

A new collaborative partnership reports findings about the neurological and psychological effects of COVID-19 infection.

30 Jun

We're looking for people to join a COVID-19 Patient and Public Panel

We’re setting up a panel of patients, carers and members of the public to advise us on our COVID-19 research. The Panel will meet virtually.

24 Jun

ACTT-EU/UK: publication of trial results showing remdesivir speeds up COVID-19 recovery

An international clinical trial testing the effectiveness of the drug remdesivir on patients hospitalised with COVID -19, has shown “very promising” preliminary results.

26 May

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