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Algorithm for transfusion management of children with severe anaemia published

A new consensus algorithm that could save the lives of children with severe anaemia in sub-Saharan Africa has been published in the British Journal of Haematology.

10 May

OCTOPUS aims to speed up treatment development for progressive multiple sclerosis

A group of UCL researchers have announced plans for a ‘mega-trial’ that will speed up the development of treatments for progressive multiple sclerosis (MS).

29 Mar

ODYSSEY trial finds new drug is better for treating children living with HIV

The anti-HIV drug Dolutegravir improves outcomes for children with HIV infection, when given in a 3-drug anti-HIV combination.

11 Mar

Men who have had surgery for early stage testicular cancer can avoid potentially harmful scans.

The results of the TRISST trial, presented today at GU ASCO 2021, offer less harmful ways of monitoring men who have had surgery for early stage testicular cancer, including reducing the number of scans or using MRI.

12 Feb

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