Our Vision

Identifying methodologically innovative solutions

The aim of the Methodology Group is to identify methodologically innovative solutions to real-world challenges of clinical research, and to provide complementary practical guidance, software and training to enable wider use of new methodology.

Having a direct impact on Design, Conduct and Analysis

Since April 2008 we have hosted the London Hub for Trials Methodology Research, part of a network of regional Hubs. This has helped to allow us to increase the amount of time we devote to methodological research, alongside developing and running clinical studies.
There is an urgent need for methodological improvements in many areas of clinical research. For example, challenges include speeding up the evaluation of new therapies, finding cost-effective evidence-based methods for running trials, and developing more robust approaches to analysing time-to-event data.  Our methodological priorities are not necessarily mathematical or computational.  Rather, we aim to have a direct, practical impact on the Design, Conduct, or primary Analysis of our own or other people's studies; complemented with Software to facilitate their practical use.


Our Programmes

Our work consists of three linked programmes encompassing a spectrum of methodological activity.


We specialise in the development of improved designs for clinical trials and related study types, to enable rapid, efficient and better evaluation of therapies.


We aim to provide an evidence base for trial conduct best practice by developing and evaluating methods to ensure that trials are run effectively and efficiently.


We aim to maximise the impact of our work by developing, testing and applying appropriate analysis to the data from our own trials.


This programme develops the methodology underpinning systematic reviews and meta-analyses and applies it in high-quality reviews relevant to our trials.


New methodological solutions need to be straightforwardly demonstrated and implemented.