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David Dunn, Professor of Medical Statistics

David joined the Unit in 1998 after previous spells at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Institute of Child Health. In 1997 he gained a PhD on statistical issues around the vertical transmission of HIV infection.

His main current research interest is HIV drug resistance. He is the co-PI of the UK HIV Drug Resistance Database (UKHDRD), which aims to collect all resistance tests performed as part of routine clinical care in the UK and to link these to key clinical/demographic data. He has a particular interest in the epidemiology of transmitted drug resistance and UKHDRD has provided several important insights on this topic.

A more recent development is collaborating with Dr Sheena McCormack to design and implement a pragmatic randomised controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis to reduce the risk of HIV transmission among gay men in the UK. Although the biological efficacy of this intervention has been clearly established, its "real-life" population effectiveness has not.

David remains interested in statistical methodology that is motivated by practical applications. With colleagues he is currently working on unbiased estimation of linear mixed models where data are both right- and left-censored.

David is the Lead for the Statistical Group, representing the 40 or so statisticians in the Unit.

Selected publications:

Dunn DT, Newell ML, Ades AE, Peckham CS. Risk of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 transmission through breastfeeding. Lancet 1992, 340:585-88.

Dunn DT, Ades AE. Estimating the HIV vertical transmission rate and pediatric AIDS incubation period from prospective data. Journal of the American Statistical Association 1996, 91:935-43.

Dunn D, Woodburn P, Duong T, Peto J, Phillips A, Gibb D, Porter K, for the HIV Paediatric Prognostic Markers Collaborative Study and the Concerted Action on Sero-Conversion to AIDS and Death in Europe (CASCADE) Collaboration. Current CD4 cell count and the short-term risk of AIDS and death before the availability of effective antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected children and adults. J Infectious Diseases 2008, 197:398-404.

Dunn DT, Coughlin K, Cane PA. Genotypic resistance testing in routine clinical care. Curr Opin HIV AIDS 2011; 6:251-7.

Dunn DT, Goodall RL, Munderi P, Kityo C, Ranopa M, Bacheler L, Van Houtte M, Gilks C, Kaleebu P, Pillay D; DART Virology and Trial Team. Residual activity of two HIV antiretroviral regimens prescribed without virological monitoring. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2011; 55:4575-80.

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Research interests:

  • HIV drug resistance
  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV transmission
  • HIV-HBV co-infection
  • Individual patient data meta-analysis
  • Pragmatic clinical trials

Research areas:

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