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Work Package Leaders

The scientific outputs of CASCADE are now organised in EuroCoord WP7 & WP8

The aims are to provide the framework within which to conduct and analyse data from HIV seroconverters by:
  • Pooling and enlarging the datasets available for analyses to address pre-specified objectives and future questions arising in the lifetime of the project
  • Implementing a harmonisation process for the collection of key socio-economic variables (in collaboration with EuroCoord WP14)
  • Establishing the infrastructure and know-how to estimate HIV incidence in Central & Eastern European countries.

The WPs also aim to characterise newly-acquired HIV infection, its contribution to the epidemic, and to assess outcome and its determinants in individuals with early diagnosis, focussing on:
  • Applying techniques which distinguish recent from chronic HIV infection and testing populations
  • Assessing the outcome of infected individuals following infection
  • Identifying differences in disease progression
  • Determining viral and host genetic factors and their relevance to outcome.

WP7: Kholoud Porter (MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL, UK)
WP8: Laurence Meyer (INSERM, France)

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