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Bhavin, Age 27

“I have mixed feelings right now because the doctor has to cut my leg and at the same time my wife is expecting her first baby.”

“When I was told my cancer was very rare, I told him I was never in a lucky draw and was never given a prize, but this was a surprise.”

“I was explained how EURAMOS works and how it will help in the future. It’s a good cause so I just asked it won’t effect my medicine. My parents were a bit worried but a friend who is a doctor told them it was a good thing and not to worry about it at all.”

Bhavin draws a picture of his legs. He explains that the doctors will need to cut out the tumour from his upper right femur. The picture shows where 6 inches of bone will be removed and replaced by a metal implant.

“If it was higher up I would have been in trouble, they would have to replace the hip and it would be a life-long problem of replacing it every 15 years.”

At the bottom of the drawing he writes:-


this is a curable disease with help of chemotherapy and surgery.


just take it as it comes.’

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